Squash and Sweet Potato Chili

by The Crepes of Wrath

Sweet potatoes are incredibly versatile. Turn them into fries, a delicious take on a traditional au gratin, or simply bake and stuff with anything your heart desires. As the weather has turned colder though, my eyes are set on chili. What better way to celebrate the sweet potato than with this hearty vegan comfort dish with a hint of curry powder and a touch of agave nectar.

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Eat More Kale

I’ll admit it. I was slow to warm up to kale. Big flat and curly bunches with strange names like Dino would show up in my share. I’d dutifully bring it home and in my fridge it would sit. Until eventually I’d freeze it, where it would sit again. I’d watch community members share recipes and not only willingly but joyfully eat their kale. Then one day it happened, I cooked one recipe, made one smoothie, and now I welcome the abundance of this lush green veg. So if you’re a novice or a master, here are a few delicious kale recipes to try.

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Harvesting the Sweet Potatoes

Our friends over at Riverland Farm wrote up a nice piece in their newsletter about their sweet potatoes crop. With their permission, we’re sharing an excerpt of that article here with all of you. Enjoy!

Riverland Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes
by Riverland Farm

Last week we pulled in about 1/2 of our gorgeous sweet potato crop. We harvested about 14,500 lbs in parts of two days and shuttled them into the greenhouse to cure. Continue reading