Six Hidden Reasons To Join A Food Coop

By Susan McBrine

When considering joining a Food Cooperative (Coop), the obvious reasons come to mind: fresh, direct-from-the-farm produce that is bursting with the season’s goodness. But there are other “hidden” advantages to joining. The following are just a few reasons you may not have considered!

1. The Food Coop Workout
Anyone who has ever volunteered to work a Coop will tell you to show up with sleeves rolled and your good shoes at home. You will spend your time lifting, stretching, pulling, dragging and lugging crates, sacks, and boxes in all sorts of weather conditions. Erecting and collapsing those tents beats any 20-minute workout! You emerge, sore but victorious, knowing that you’ve “done your bit”.

2. Sharpening Your Math Skills
Quick! How many ounces in “two pounds, four ounces of carefully weighed heirloom tomatoes”? How many tomatoes make two pounds? How do I balance this scale? How many people are waiting behind me while I try to do the math? Continue reading

Peach & Blueberry Crumble Bread Recipe

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by Farmshare member Jenna Lanoue

My husband and I typically have no trouble annihilating our small fruit share as-is each week (I predict upgrading to a large fruit share next time around). But when you come home armed with 2 pounds of gorgeous peaches that are all deliciously ripe at the exact same time, sometimes you need to turn them into something quickly, lest you turn into a peach yourself. My mom always told me “you are what you eat,” and this week instead of becoming a peach, I decided I’m getting a little fancy. I’m going to try being a peach (and blueberry) baked slice of heaven. (For those looking for Halloween inspiration, I checked. They don’t sell such costumes on Amazon.) Continue reading