Communicating with Your FDC Crew

Please, with fresh tomatoes and crunchy summer vegetables on top, include your full name, depot pick up day, and location on all communications. It should look something like this: Jennifer Moore, Salem Thursday. This needs to be on questions, delivery requests, holds, especially orders, and any other contact request.

With several hundred members across three depots on two days, the number of communications coming through are welcome and a big part of what we do and why we’re here. We love hearing from you. However, no matter how much we want to, we don’t know each and every one of you by email handle or first name alone.

Since you know exactly who you are, including full details streamlines our ability to fulfill requests, answer communications, and help all our members in a timely fashion. It’s a small detail that goes a long way. Thank you, from the bottom of our berry baskets.

Payments Due Soon, How Are We Doing, and the Top 3 FAQ’s

Payment Due Soon:

If you haven’t yet paid your final balance, it is due by August 1st .This means that unless you have a payment plan in place, you should be paying your balance to zero. If you are unsure of your balance, statements will be emailed before your next depot day. If you cannot make this payment in full, please reply to this email to set up a payment plan.

Please keep in mind that after August 1st, we ask that balances stay under $40. This allows members to make small purchases at the depots without having to write multiple small checks. Details about payment options can be found on our website under How The Coop Works. Continue reading