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Our Local Farmers on Immigration Policy

By Julie Pottier-Brown

On Saturday, April 8th, I attended a meeting in Hadley, MA hosted by Wally Czajkowski at Plainville Farm. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the current administration’s handling of our country’s immigration policy.

Cars and trucks lined the drive to the packing shed. A hum filled the barn as neighbors and friends greeted each other. Attendees were asked to sign in and note on a card the amount of their business’s gross income. With nearly 75 people in attendance, glancing around, I saw many familiar faces. Participants showed up because they are concerned about the immigrant community that lives and works nearby.

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Winter Egg Share 2017

Happy, healthy, outdoor (field house when too cold) hens, fed organic grain, lay great tasting eggs just for us!

Grant’s Family Farm in Essex, MA is our partner for supplying eggs every week during the summer. However, even though production slows during the darker, colder days of winter, it doesn’t completely stop. Chris Grant finds himself having a surplus of up to 140 dozen eggs per week! We asked him to buy the hens to lay the eggs for summer, and he is asking us to create a winter market for the eggs. We happily said yes.

To sign up for eggs using Small Farm Central, you must be registered for the upcoming FDC regular season, another incentive to complete your registration now! Options for eggs are to pickup one time only, select several weeks, or choose a running weekly share through the end of April. A running weekly share is ten weeks at both Melrose and Marblehead locations and nine weeks in Salem. Pickup days and locations below:

TUESDAYS in Melrose at the Knoll. Chris Grant (farmer) will meet folks there from 4 – 6 pm starting next Tuesday, February 21st. We need to meet the minimum of 25 dozen per pick up.

THURSDAYS in Marblehead at the FDC Office – 4 Beringer way, the central door next to the loading dock, from 4:30 – 6 pm starting next week, February 23rd.
THURSDAYS in Salem (Salem Cycle Washington Street) from 2 – 6:45 pm (Please note the store closes at 7 pm) – starting the following week – March 2nd

The Small Farm Central store lists specific days, dates, and locations through the end of April.

To help Chris move the eggs, we have priced them at the egg share price rather than a la carte price ($6.25 vs. $6.50).

The Small Farm Central stores need to close one day before pickup for us to get the numbers to Chris promptly. Please order by 10 am Monday, or Wednesday morning the week you wish to pick up eggs.

Please and thank you for supporting our local egg supplier.