How the Coop Works

Membership and Shares:  One joins the coop for a season, which lasts from early June through mid October.  There is a $65 annual membership fee.  We offer two sizes of fruit and vegetable shares, along with several specialty shares. Members can choose from the offerings in an a la carte manner. Please use this link for a full listing of offerings and prices

How and When to Get Your Share(s):  During the season, you will come to one of our depots (in Marblehead, Melrose, or Salem) every Tuesday or Thursday (you will have joined one of these coops – the pick up days are NOT interchangeable) during depot hours to pick up your share(s).  There will be a menu board explaining what to select.  These selections will follow the New England growing season.  Members who choose a vegetable share will recieve a share each week.  The fruit share starts in June with strawberries, followed by other berries, and then occaonally has to take a break for a week in July when local fruit is not available.   The Chef Share (formerly the herb share) will include 10 deliveries and will be approximately every other week.  The cheese share will start in week two, and also be approximately every other week.  The bread share will include 19 deliveries — every week from week two through twenty.

How to Select Shares and Sizes:  As a rule of thumb, we advise small shares for 1-2 adults and suggest large shares for a household of 4 (2 adults, 2 children). Of course, appetities and vegetable intake vary widely from family to family. See our share examples for a better idea of how much is included. If you are uncertain what size to order, it is okay to change your share size during the course of the season so you can adjust your share to best meet the needs of your household. Also keep in mind that the shares starts small at the beginning of the season when mostly greens are available, but increase to typical size within a few  weeks.