What Happens to Missed Shares and Leftovers?

by Julie Pottier-Brown

After volunteering last week, a Melrose member made a request that I explain who we partner with for donations, and how it came to be. She was impressed by the fact the local food pantry came to pick up the leftovers.

Leftovers are a reality. Some members miss their Share. You may have done it yourself. We have to order everyone’s Share every week unless there has been a hold placed (which in itself only became possible two years ago). So if four Shares miss, several other members do not take their cabbage or greens, the grower sent a little too much, or for some other unknown reason we have excess, there will be leftovers. We always invite members who miss to go at the end (6:50 ish) of any depot day, speak to the coordinator, and see if they will be able to recoup their loss. Once these processes are complete – the leftovers must find a home.

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Confessions of a Grillaholic

by guest editor Susan Butterworth

A few days ago, Maria Westberg Adams shared her blog post on How to Use all your Farm Share Veggies on the FDC Facebook page. Here’s the link in case you missed it.

One of her tips is a Making a list of what you got and planning meals around it. Posting a list on the refrigerator door, reminding us what’s in there has been a huge help at our house. Storing the produce properly ( thank you to the “How to Store” section in the newsletter!) and Cleaning out the refrigerator once a week has also been hugely helpful to happily getting the most from my Share. Continue reading

Maple (or Honey) Sriracha Cornbread

Farm Direct Coop Member Halley Kamerkar recently shared her delicious cornbread with fellow members at the FDC Annual Kickoff and Potluck. With rave reviews and several requests, Halley wrote down the recipe and shared it here with us. Bon appetit!

Maple (or honey) Sriracha Cornbread
by Halley Kamerkar

Please note: I believe half the credit for the success of this bread comes from the Nordic Ware pan I use to bake.

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FDC Annual Meeting & Season Kickoff Party

On Sunday, March 11th, Farm Direct members, staff and Board of Directors gathered for the Annual Meeting & FDC Season Kickoff Party. This event always brings the best food. FDC members can really cook! Honey sriracha cornbread made an appearance the second year in a row (popular demand) and was a huge hit both times. Soups, salads, casseroles, delicious desserts and a general abundance of great food was on hand.

We were lucky to have special guests Pic Harrison and Sarah Lincoln-Harrison, who founded the coop 25 years ago, in attendance this year. Without them, there would be no FDC! Our main grower, Robert Lynch, co-owner & grower at Riverland Farm, Sunderland, MA was also present. He spoke about what their relationship with the FDC means to their success. He answered questions about growing practices, the challenge of new weather patterns, and the crop plans for the coming year. For the second year in a row, the FDC has given Riverland a $5,000 advance payment for produce to allow them to make improvements for the coming season. This year the funds are going toward a concrete slab to facilitate ease of navigation in one of the high tunnels used for storage and curing sweet potatoes.


Board President Monica Tecca acted as MC welcoming all and introducing each speaker. Financials were presented by FDC Treasurer Amy Imhoff & Tamara covering the year-end totals, the community aid fund, along with a discussion about our food stamp and healthy incentives programs. Julie & Tamara, co-managers for the FDC, talked about some changes to the upcoming season such as moving to a 22 week season, replacing the November Share with the Thanksgiving Share, and altering the Mushroom Share and Flower Share season lengths.

The business portion of the meeting concluded by voting in the new FDC Board of Directors. We bid farewell and offer heartfelt thanks to Lora Catalano, Tim Flatt, and Maria Adams, and welcome aboard Christine Trowbridge, Amy Piantedosi, and Leah Hancock.
We left with a renewed excitement for this community, and the mutually beneficial relationships we have with growers and producers in MA and New England.