Dancing Goat Raw Unpasteurized Single Varietal Cold Pressed Olive Oil (Greece)

The FDC was introduced to this product by a Marblehead member. We’ve sampled and enjoyed it and want to give you the opportunity to try it as well. This oil is pressed from one farms’ single variety of olive, Koroneiki, raw, and unfiltered. It has an exceptional taste. The olives are pressed, oil is allowed to settle, then shipped to family in the US. A store will be going up soon on Small Farm Central.

Here is the story of Dancing Goat:

Our olive oil is a single varietal extra virgin olive oil, pressed freshly from the olives growing on our family’s ancient trees.

Our family cultivates 500 trees that are more than 200 years old. The distinct olive variety that grows on our estate—Koroneiki— the climate of the region and the traditional method of oil production, give our olive oil a distinct taste, dark emerald green color, and pure character.

Due to the temperatures during the harvesting and processing of the olives, our oil has some of the lowest observed acidity levels (between 0.2% and 0.4%). That qualifies extra- extra Virginity. Other extra virgin oils are as high as .8%.

We produce our olive oil from olives that are harvested and sorted by hand slightly before they reach maturity, we also cold press within 24 hours of harvesting. The resulting olive oil has a deep emerald green color with high density and the peppery and fruity aromas of a fresh, unripe olive. These fresh and fruity flavors weave themselves throughout the oil, heightening its velvety texture and contributing to its distinctive and vivid flavor profile.