Aid for Puerto Rico’s Sustainable Farmers

Calls are coming from Puerto Rico for help in many forms. For our community, helping the sustainable farming community has a close connection to our guiding principles. To help streamline the ability to reach the farmers, we are sharing with you resources presented to us to ensure donations go directly to the farmers in need. This important project will help Puerto Rico’s farming community re-establish and begin growing food faster.

In the devastating wake of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, the island is struggling with tremendous blows including grave setbacks to their growing sustainable agriculture movement. As you may know, food, clean water and basic necessities are hard to come by. The call for help below comes directly from Puerto Rican sustainable farmers, most of whom have visited with Vermont farmers & agricultural organizations and businesses in recent years.

In addition, Vermonters for Puerto Rico will hold a fundraising event in Montpelier on October 13 to support Puerto Rico’s rural food sovereignty movement.

How can you help?
1. Donate to one of the trusted organizations listed at the end of this email.
2. We are in immediate need of food (fresh, prepared or canned) and drinking water (preferably water filters, specifically those used for camping). All this can be mailed to:

Calle Oneill #135,
Hato Rey, PR, 00918

3. Donate seeds: non-gmo, nutritionally dense crops, fast growing, low maintenance, pest or disease resistant, and easy to save seed, in order to guarantee their continuous production.
4. Donate machinery/equipment: farming tools, generators, chainsaws, wood chippers, solar equipment, 5 gal. gas tanks (empty), etc. All these larger items can be sent to:

Calle Salva #657
Urb. Miramar
San Juan PR 00907
961 Bergen St, Apt 4B
Brooklyn, NY, 11216

5. Puerto Rico will soon be launching a national circuit of work-parties to support our farmers. Stay in touch through the Facebook links and Vermonters for Puerto Rico for more information.

Puerto Rico Agroecology Funds post Hurricane Maria:

Please share this with others that may be interested in supporting Puerto Rican sustainable agriculture. Thank you for your consideration in their time of need.