Depot Etiquette

The FDC Member Handbook contains helpful tips, information about adding or changing shares, special orders, and so much more. We know many read the member handbook, but we also know about clicking yes to user agreements (with every intention of reading at a later date). I can assure you our handbook is more interesting, or at least more informative, than typical software licensing agreements. Periodically we like share tidbits from the handbook as a refresher and to help our members have a most excellent experience. This week, we bring to you Depot Etiquette!

Let’s start off with Weighing Carefully: we buy just enough for everyone. If several people over-weigh by just a few ounces, we can run short at the end of the day. If the take is for 1lb 4oz and the items your weighing are totaling 1.2 or 1.6, the correct method is to take the smaller weight so everyone can enjoy the Share. Carefully also means careful handling of the scales. To keep them in tip top shape, balanced, and weighing properly to last season-after-season, it’s important to treat the delicate scales with care. Gently place items on the scale and help children weighing items.

PLEASE don’t pick through the produce – that peach you squeezed and rejected is going to have to go home with someone else! As a cooperative, we only buy enough produce to satisfy everyone’s order, so nothing can go to waste from over handling. Same goes for opening and checking each ear of corn. Many will be perfect, others won’t. Save the squeezing, peeling, and other tactics for the grocery store.

Please watch your kids. We love kids (for real) and they are welcome to help, but please be aware of other members and make sure your little ones are not running amuck through the depot. If it’s busy, it may not be the best time for a lesson on weights and measures. Little hands also need to understand that scales can’t be played with like toys, and that the fruit tables are not to be confused with a snack bar.

Make sure you sign out and check Specialty Share sign out sheets, particularly cheese. This really helps the coordinators to manage the flow of produce and keep a clear count of how many members still remain to pick up on a given day.