Special Order Interest Form

Want to know about items like green beans, basil, carrots or corn? Please fill out an interest form and an email will be sent when these items are ready for harvest.

Special Order/Bulk Interest Form

This is NOT an order form, but rather a way to express your interest in purchasing items in bulk. Julie will periodically send a blanket email to all who are interested in these items as they ripen with an offer stating volume, pricing and date(s). The ball is then in your court to reply to the email and place an order. These are the items that typically do NOT get their own store. If you are wanting to express interest in strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes, pickling cukes or peaches, there is no need. We make those popular items available in their own store in the season, and make that offer via the newsletter.
  • Where you want to receive the reminder email. Please enter/spell carefully.
  • copy yourself, or your share partner.
  • Marblehead, Salem, Melrose
  • Tuesday, Thursday
  • something I forgot to list that you would like to receive?

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