Pastured, Organic Egg Share








The Pastured, Organic Egg Share is supplied by the pastured hens at Grants Family Farm in Essex, MA. The eggs will come every week starting the first week of the regular season (Tuesday, June 6th/Thursday June 8th) and continue for 20 weeks through October 19th & October 24th with no pick-up July 4th.

When taking your eggs from the cooler, please be sure to close the lid firmly when you are done. We are trying to maintain a constant temperature in the cooler.

If you happen to find a cracked egg (this happens infrequently) please do not return that carton to the cooler. Since we only order enough eggs for our shareholders, if you put it back someone else will have to take it. You can choose to take it or let your coordinator know there is a carton with a damaged egg. If you do end up taking a cracked egg, you may request a refund ($.52).

We have opted to forgo the sign-out sheet for the egg share again this year. It is a weekly share, if you have signed in on the main sign-out sheet, we will take that to mean you got your eggs.

We are unable to hold eggs over from week to week. Extras will be donated at the end of the night.

We will accept back clean egg cartons *ONLY FROM CHRIS GRANT’S FARM* and send those back to the farm for reuse. Store and other farm cartons may be recycled curbside.

Thanks for supporting local and for choosing to do so through the Farm Direct Coop!

Julie & Tamara