Cooks Share







It’s time to make your selections!!

This Share delivers local products to help you in your cooking endeavors! If you joined this Share (or if you are curious what is offered) visit the Small Farm Central Cooks Share Choices Store to make your selections. The share cost was added to your account at enrollment when you joined the Share, therefore will be no charge to make these selections even though it is a ‘store’.

The share has 5 categories – Main (choose 8), Sweet (1), Spicy & Zippy (1), Oils (1), & Chutneys & Relishes (1).

We will begin with a 1.5oz jar of Marblehead Salt Co salt on week 2 of the coop – June 13th & 15th, and once we have all selections, the deliveries will come as often as possible. We will get to a time when we are waiting for ginger to grow, or garlic to cure, or for herbs to dry. Update information will come via the newsletter. Be sure to look in the specialty share tent when you pick up to see if it is a Cooks Share day.


Julie & Tamara