Brussels Sprouts Tops

Brussels sprouts tops can be roasted and cooked exactly like brussels sprouts, only in a shorter period of time. Toss with olive oil and salt, and roast until some of the leaves are golden and crisp. If you’re looking for additional inspiration, lucky for us Jocelyn Cook got right on cooking her tops from the Tuesday share and submitted this amazing looking dish and recipe. Thanks, Jocelyn!

Garlic & Black Pepper Sausage over Caramelized Onions with Brussel-Sprout tops, Crushed Tomatoes and Orzo
by Jocelyn Cookjocelyn-cooks-brussels-tops

Goodness, these brussel-sprout tops were DELICIOUS!

2 yellow onions
Brussels sprouts tops
1 box Orzo
4 sausages
1 can crushed tomatoes or fresh if you have them

1. Caramelize 2 medium yellow onions
2. While onions caramelize, wash greens, remove stems from large leaves, keep on smaller
3. Start water boiling. Once boiling start orzo.
4. Slice 4 sausages (I used Walden Local Meat Co. garlic and black pepper pork sausage links), place open side down on top of onions. Flip after 4 minutes allowing to get nice golden color on underside and juices mingle with onions. Cook on backside until done, another couple minutes. Remove links and set aside.
5. Place brussel-sprout tops on top of caramelized onions. Liquid from freshly washed leaves, as well as inside greens themselves, will loosen any stuck bits on pan resulting in a dark, sweet liquid.
6. Remove after 2-3 minutes, right when greens turn bright – they retain a nice crunch.
7. Plate drained orzo, top with caramelized onions and greens, stack sliced sausage, add crushed tomatoes (from a can or fresh) and spoon juice from tomatoes and brown liquid in the pan from onions, sausage & greens.