Swiss Chard Saute

by Beth Wheeler

I couldn’t delay any longer expressing my appreciation to the Farm Direct Coop team for all they do. Finding Farm Direct Coop has literally saved my Summer. Having been an avid gardener for decades, I was expecting a sad season when I realized putting in a garden while my house was on the market this Spring just didn’t make sense. Discovering your brilliant format has been a heartwarming joy.

The variety has been more fun than I expected as I play my own version of “Chopped” each week. While I failed at Callaloo, the Swiss Chard combined with your onions, garlic, tomato, and marinated feta was a smashing success. From the pantry, I added butter and oil, a small bit of chicken stock, Marblehead Salt, pepper, and sesame seeds. So tasty!

Recipe follows below.

Huge appreciation and kudos ladies!
Beth Wheeler

Swiss Chard Saute

*Rinse, Dry, and Trim one bunch of Swiss chard (separate stems from leaves). Chop stems set aside, slice leaves across in to thick strips.
*Thinly slice one onion
*Thinly slice two cloves garlic
*2 T Oil & butter
*Salt, Pepper (will be to taste)
*Star cut one large tomato
*Feta (marinated if you have it!)
*Roasted Pine nuts or Sesame Seeds

Heat Oil/Butter medium setting. Add Onion, Garlic, Chard Stems, sauté 5 mins. Stir occasionally. Cover 5 mins.

Add Chard leaves and a bit of water or stock (a couple of tablespoons is plenty). Place starred tomato in the center of the same pan. Add Salt, Pepper to taste. Cover for another 5 mins or until Chard has wilted but is still bright green.

Remove from heat. Place tomato in center of plate, place chard medley around it, place Feta in center, sprinkle with nuts/seeds. Enjoy!