Returns Guide – Version 1

FDC is a proponent and enabler of sustainable living.┬áIt’s the driving force behind everything we do from the way depots are setup to farms we work with and news we bring to you each week. It’s a vital part of our DNA, fully supporting our mission statement:

Farm Direct Co-op is a not-for-profit, community oriented, member based organization with the goal of supporting local growers and artisans, while providing the freshest local and organic food available.

As part of our commitment to sustainability we work with our farmers on returning items that can be recycled in some way directly by the farm. Not to say we’re an alternative to curbside recycling bins; however, there are some items that can be returned and reused which saves farmers valuable resources, lowers environmental impact, and sometimes save our members money as well.

To help our members understand what items can be returned and which ones must be returned, we’ve put together this handy guide. First the list, then the photos. This is version one. Please provide feedback, ask questions, and help us improve the guide in V2 with updates in the future.

Always return:
Ball or Glass Flower Jars provided for the Flower share. This falls into the “always” category as the flower share pricing is based on the farm getting these jars back.

Please donate/return:
Egg cartons provided by Grant Family Farm
Glass Honey Jars – all sizes
Quart pulp (green) berry boxes, in nearly any condition from medium stained to clean; when offered at the depot it’s often easiest to just take the produce and leave the box.
Clean, Unstained, Pint, and Half Pint pulp (green) berry boxes.
Elastics from produce (I find we move through them at depot level for various things)
Herb Farmacy Salt Jars
Standard paper and plastic bags
Tomato puree jars from Riverland or Atlas Farm

Please do not donate/return:
Dirty Pint or Half Pint pulp (green) berry boxes
Clam-shell plastic containers
Jam Jars
Odd sized plastic bags or produce bags
Maple syrup jugs
Pasta sauce jars from Valicenti
Maple sugar containers

The good news is, items unable to be returned to the depot like stained berry boxes or clam-shell plastic containers can be recycled at home or pulped into compost accordingly.

Herb Farmacy Salt

Honey Jars



Grant Family Farm Egg Carton

Berry Bins


Do Not Return Pasta Sauce Jars


Standard Plastic Bag


Standard Paper Bag