Gooseberry Prep Recipe aka Gooseberry Compote

Gooseberries by JParkers UKGooseberries can go in any recipe you would use any other fruit. Crumbles, tarts, pies, cordials, the list is truly endless. Yet as these tart little berries aren’t a common household fruit in 2016 as they may have been years ago, often they can appear daunting. One batch may be sweet while another is extremely sour. As your deciding what to do with your gooseberries, prep them and even out the taste with this simple recipe.



Rinse gooseberries in cold water, then snip off the top and bottom with scissors or a small, sharp knife. Taste one, if you like, and then add one part gooseberries with one part sugar, increasing sugar parts based on personal desire and tolerance for sweetness. Add a dash of water and simmer on low to break up the gooseberries a bit and dissolve the sugar. Cook just until sugar is dissolved, fork mashing the berries along the way. This compote is ready to be worked into your favorite recipes.

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