Salem Depot Sunflower Garden

sunflowerOver the year’s we have attempted a small sunflower garden at the Salem Depot, and we’re hoping this year is the charm!

Julie already went out and filled the flower beds with fresh compost from Black Earth and took out two trash barrels full of water. Some seedlings had come back on their own, volunteers as my family likes to call them. Julie also transplanted and put in additional plants. 


We would love to get a couple of Salem Depot members to sponsor 2-foot sections. This can be a great opportunity for the young ones without home gardens to get the reward of big beautifulsunflowers they helped grow or anyone in the community who would like to water or get their hands a little dirty. All while beautifying the depot!

Interested participants would commit to bringing water to the depot each week during their scheduled pick up day as well as taking a few minutes to tend to any weeds that may have grown over the past week. Sections would be clearly marked with sponsor name stakes or can be anonymously or dedicated to a loved one. Julie is happy to take on weekend watering to ensure no wilting over the hot summer months. 

Please email Jennifer to express your interest. The sooner, the better, as these sunflowers will not thrive without dedicated watering.