Maitland Mountain Pickles

Maitland Mountain Pickles are all the rage among Boston area foodies. I had my first taste this past year when I picked up my December bulk order from the Farm Direct Coop (FDC). Of course, I’ve always liked pickles, but these pickles took my love to the next level. The entire container was gone within a week of its initial opening. The whole family was vying for who would get the last pickle… alas I was not the winner.

To truly understand how amazing these pickles are you just have to take a bite. They offer a variety of flavors from zesty to mild. Curiosity piqued? A quick google search of the Salem, MA company yields dozens of hits for recipes calling exclusively for these divine pickles, a true testament to their unique flavor. In addition you’ll find an article in the Boston Globe, numerous blog posts, and even this fantastic video on Beantown Pastrami about the Maitland Mountain pickle making process.

Beantown Pastrami Feature: Maitland Mountain Pickles

Of course, FDC has been bringing these pickles to their farm share members each year during the bulk offer season. But there’s no need to wait, you can get these pickles year round at the following fine retailers:

Milk & Honey Green Grocer, 32 Church St., Salem, 978-744-6639
The Corner Butcher Shop, 240 Elliott St., Beverly, 978-969-3194
Willow Rest, 1 Holly St., Gloucester, 978-283-2417
Appleton Farms Dairy Store, 209 Country Road, Ipswich, 978-356-3825
Appleton Farms at Boston Public Market, 100 Hanover St., Boston