Food Joy Found in Farm Direct Coop

Throughout the month of November Irish Times featured food stories from expats across the globe. Farm Direct Coop member Elizabeth Benbow has enjoyed the last five years as an Irish expat in Massachusetts and in the November 9th issue, Elizabeth described her newfound joy in making jams and jellies from the area’s fresh produce.

Originally a member of a local CSA, Elizabeth first changed over to the Farm Direct Coop (FDC) in 2014 due to added variety and ease of accessibility offered by FDC. In particular, Elizabeth’s two sons love the additional fruit selections offered by FDC. During her first season with FDC, Elizabeth seized the opportunity to pick up a surpluss of grapes left over at one of the depots. From these, she made several batches of jam and jelly, enough to have a steady supply into 2015.

Elizabeth notes by autumn, she was hooked, and now utilizes both weekly produce included in the farm share as well as end-of-season bulk offerings to make a variety of delicious goods. In the article, Elizabeth shares her favorite recipe for a Cranberry Shrub;  a bit like a cordial made with vinegar and added to alcohol for a nice cocktail. Head on over to Irish Times for the full article and recipe.