Turkeys, Turkeys, Turkeys!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we’re getting a lot of questions about sources for locally raised turkeys. Below is a list that can get you started and a few links to where you can find more meat sources should you hope to expand your search. It’s also important to note that several places have already passed the deadline to order a turkey this year. Where we were able to verify that a turkey was in fact not available, the place was removed from this years list.

Melrose Indoor Winter Market Get your turkey, and oh so much more at the Winter Market. Held Sunday, November 22nd from 11 – 3 at the Memorial Hall on 590 Main St in Melrose, MA. Vendors will have spices, pies, cookies, meats, and more. Check out their website for specifics.

Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury, MA still had a couple turkeys when we checked in. They are offering Plainville Turkeys which are humanely raised, hormone free, and delicious. You can also pre-order some pretty tasty fruit or cream pies. Yum! Contact info available on their webpage.

Open Meadow Farm This family owned and operated farm runs a year round meat buyers club. As part of the club you can order a turkey and have it delivered in time for the holiday. You can also pick up the turkey out at the farm, and sometimes have it delivered as a one-time offer – just email Robin and she’ll take care of any questions you have. Contact info an turkey prices available through their website.

Other Resources
Check out Eat Wild for a listing of locally grown meats in Massachusetts, including turkeys.

The state of Massachusetts runs an agricultural website that will locate all the turkey farms in MA.

The Boston Public Market hosts multiple farms that are offering turkey’s through their websites for pickup at the Boston Market. You can also get any odds and ends (think vegetables, gratin’s, stuffing… ok now I’m hungry) from some of the farms like Stillman out of Hardwick, MA. Check out the Boston Public Market’s resource page.