Payments Due Soon, How Are We Doing, and the Top 3 FAQ’s

Payment Due Soon:

If you haven’t yet paid your final balance, it is due by August 1st .This means that unless you have a payment plan in place, you should be paying your balance to zero. If you are unsure of your balance, statements will be emailed before your next depot day. If you cannot make this payment in full, please reply to this email to set up a payment plan.

Please keep in mind that after August 1st, we ask that balances stay under $40. This allows members to make small purchases at the depots without having to write multiple small checks. Details about payment options can be found on our website under How The Coop Works.

If you missed your June 15th payment, your account has been assessed a $20 late fee. If you feel this fee has been added to your account in error, please let us know. If you have made a payment very recently, please keep in mind that it can take several for payments to process.

For those of you that prefer to pay electronically, please consider choosing the bank-to-bank transfer option. The fees paid by the coop are 3.5% for credit card transactions, which stack up very quickly when large payments are made. Bank-to-bank transfers cost only $.50, and of course, checks are free for us to process.

FDC Billing Cycle:
Half of your balance after deposit: Due June 15th
Final balance: Due August 1st
After August 1st: Please keep balances under $40.
*Late payments are subject to a $20 late fee

How are we doing?
We sincerely hope you are enjoying your shares. We always welcome and appreciate feedback, praise or otherwise. If you have something to say, please email Julie or Tamara.

Top Three Most FAQ’s:
1) I missed my pickup! What should I do?! This is the most FAQ of all time. Your first line of defense is to call your coordinator as soon as you realize you’re not going to make it. As long as it’s before 7, she can make up a share for you to pick up later or you can arrange for a delivery. If you don’t remember until after the depot is closed, there is still one more course of action. You can go to the depot on any depot day, Tuesday or Thursday at closing time and take from what’s left over. You can often get a full share this way, but what is left depends entirely on how many members miss that day, how carefully everyone weighs, and whether or not the farmers gave us an extra food as padding. If you come at the end to make up for a missed share, please let the Coordinator know so she can appropriately direct you.

2) What’s the mailing address? The mailing address is on the website under the How To Make Payments tab. FDC, Box 1146, Marblehead, 01945.

3) I don’t remember how to get in touch with my depot coordinator. All of the contact info is on the website under About > Contacts. We recommend that you plug our number into your phone for those last minute calls: 877.332.3276 (877.FDC.FARM). Punching in the appropriate extension will ring up your Depot Coordinator on site during depot hours.

*All of this information and more is included in the Member Handbook.