FDC-Please Read – Organic Flower Share – Bulk Berries, Pesto & More – Volunteer Links – General Info

  • NEW! Organic Flower Bouquet Share – $60. – 6 weeks – August 27th/August 29th –  October 1st /October 3rd.  Each bouquet is valued at $10, Organically grown, and harvested in Essex, MA from the flower farm aster b. Follow this link to see samples of bouquets (these are of similar size, though not the exact flowers you will receive)

http://asterb.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/IMG_5200.jpg  –  here to peruse the aster b website-  http://asterb.com/

Melissa Glorieux and I have been chatting since last year about bringing a flower share to FDC members.  I tried to get one off the ground several years ago, but the idea of putting delicate flowers on the western truck seemed daunting.  With the eastern route truck, this seems much more plausible. If you want to sign on to receive fresh beautiful, organic, local flowers, please respond to this email. With enough interest, we will be happy to make the trip to Essex each week.

  • Bulk OrdersWithout a form: If you want peaches, corn or hot peppers, pickling cukes, or carrots to juice – really anything you see at the depot please just email julie@farmdirectcoop.org best not to wait, sometimes the opportunity passes.
  • Bulk Orders  – With a form – when a form exists, you must use it, or your order may get overlooked – on our veggie blog the tomato order form is still up though the tomatoes have been very slow to ripen this year.  You may add your name if you wish. Please be patient and flexible about the dates. We will fill requests in the order they are entered.


If you ordered directly, last Thursday, at the Marblehead depot, you are all set.

  • IPM Raspberries & IPM Blackberries – I just placed an order for fruit shares to receive raspberries and heard small amounts of blackberries are trickling out of the field. We may never get enough for the share, but there may be enough for bulk orders.  Follow this link to place a request:


  • Volunteer Links: available on the front page of the website also:


  • Marblehead (very in need!!)


  • Salem – (in need!)


  • Melrose – (mostly filled – some need in Sept. and Oct.)


  • Splitting the truck in Marblehead: (very in need)


General Info – thanks for sticking with this email to the end.

  • Bring us Your Bags! – That pile of plastic and paper shopping bags gathering in your pantry or closet – we need them! especially Marblehead and Salem – they are completely out!
  • Billing – Please remember to pay your balance, past due on August 1st .  Over-due accounts are subject to a $20 per month late fee.  After you’ve paid up, we ask you to keep your balance below $40.  If you buy eggs, berries, or a cheese at the depot, you may wait until you know you owe us $20 or more.  You may send us a check “on account” and let us deduct future purchases, or you must pay as you go for large bulk purchases, or shares added.  Checks are preferred as credit cards cost us 3.25% of the transaction.
  • Extras at the Depot – We opted not to order extra bread this year as it is a lot of data entry, and tracking.  However, I do order one loaf extra per location per day as “padding” in case the bakeries short us (it happens) Sometimes the order is misread, and we have many extras to sell.  This happens for cheese, and berries as well.  Please do not take any extra item without talking to your depot coordinator first – extras are not a given.  We have had pre-ordered flats of berries be short a pint, and bread and cheese shares be shorted because someone took one without asking first. Often our coordinators short themselves their own bread or cheese shares to allow our members to have theirs.  If you get the go-ahead to make a purchase, remember to add it to the “extras” sheet (name of member, what you are getting and how much it costs).
  • Units at the depot – A “unit” is a head (cabbage, lettuce) a bunch (kale, chard – anything with an elastic), a pound (beets, carrots, cucumbers) and the occasional items that is “otherwise marked” – (3 ears corn, 2 tomatoes, 1/2 pound green beans). If an item isn’t marked, it likely is a head, a pound, or a bunch.  Did you know you may mix the things that are “by the pound” units? One cucumber is sometimes  3/4 of a pound, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get a pound of cucumbers.  So, throw a small to medium red onion on there – if it weighs a pound total, that is one unit. 3 carrots, one pickling cuke and a medium summer squash = 2 pounds = 2 units.  Two medium beets and one pickling cuke = 1 pound = 1 unit. These aren’t exact, buy you get the picture!
thanks for supporting local!