Edible Flowers

By Rita from the Herb FARMacy

Edible flowers are a mixed selection of nasturtiums, lemon/tangerine marigolds, calendula, chervil, borage, garlic chives, Mexican mint marigold and/or lavender. The bottom of each container will be “lined” with nasturtium leaves or chervil leaves that also can be enjoyed on salads!

The depots will keep these gems cool. Members should refrigerate the containers ASAP and use within 24 hours. They can last longer, but the flavor and color deteriorates. For the best flavor, remove the stamens and pistils from the flowers, using the petals. Some chefs just use the entire flower of the nasturtium; it’s really up to you. If you want, you can g-e-n-t-l-y rinse the flowers before serving, but our farm is certified organic, and we have used no treatments (even accepted organic) on the plants. We have checked for insects, but just in case we may have missed some little ones, please check the flowers before serving.

The flavor of the flowers is similar to the leaves we typically use. So explore and enjoy your edible flower experience.