A Pea Primer

There are three different kinds of peas that could turn up in your FDC share: English/shell peas, snow peas and sugar snap peas. Snow peas are easy — they are flat. You often find them in Asian stir-fries. English/shell peas and sugar snap peas look a bit more similar, but are very different. You cannot eat the shell of English peas — you must shell them first. They are usually a paler shade of green than sugar snap peas, and when you open them, you will see fully formed peas. Sugar snaps are bright green and you can eat the pod. If you open sugar snaps, you will often see just tiny unformed peas inside. try to shell them and it’s really hard — the shell is thick and crunchy. Bite it and it is crisp and sweet and tasty. Here are some great recipes for sugar snap peas.