Annual Meeting Root Soup

Steve Fowler, one of our FDC drivers, and his wife Molly brought this delicious soup to our annual meeting and it was a big hit! Here’s what they said about it: “We store a fair amount of vegetables every winter.  This is a recipe I came up with that goes great on a winter day and is easily adapted to what we have on hand – It turns out a little different every time, but is always worth the effort.  The following is just a guideline – use what you have.  It takes a couple of hours, but is easy, and you can walk away once everything is in the pot.

Start with:

2-3 onions (if you have leeks or shallots sitting in the back of the fridge, even better)
3 carrots,
2 celery stalks,
3-4 garlic
maybe a green pepper

Give them a rough chop and throw them in the pot with a good shot of olive oil – low heat and let them sweat while you prepare the rest.  Then peel and cube:

1 or 2 winter squash
2-3 Lbs. potatoes
2-3 Lbs. Sweet Potatoes
2 or 3 Celeriac Heads
1 Turnip or Rutabaga
3 or 4 Apples
A handful of herbs (dry or fresh – I like to use sage, rosemary, thyme)
A couple bay leaves

Add to the pot and just cover with water.  Bring to boil and turn back to a simmer until tender (about an hour).
Use a stick blender to puree (can be done in a food processor or mash for a course texture).
Salt and pepper to taste.
Add 1-2 cups cream or half & half.

Replacing some of the water with chicken stock or adding a couple handfuls of parmesan will make it a little richer, or if you save your cheese rinds – throw a couple in and remove right before pureeing.