Mexican Street Corn Salad

Looking for something a little different for your corn party? Try this version of Mexican Street Corn Salad by Serious Eats. Feel free to make this recipe your own by using peppers of choice or omitting the cilantro. The key is the roasted corn which can be done atop the grill or in the pan as the recipe suggests. They key flavors lie within the corn, lime and spices. Everything else can be adjusted according to preference.

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5 Ways to Prepare Kholrabi

Kohlrabi is a staple in the FDC repertoire. It’s a hearty vegetable that is very popular in Europe and withstands the strange growing patterns of New England. It looks a little bit like a cross between a radish and a cabbage, and I’ve heard the taste described frequently in the same way.
It’s delicious raw, steamed, shredded, fried… I really can’t think of a way that I don’t like kohlrabi now that I am versed in how to use it. There was a time when it sat in the veg drawer, lonely at the end of each week as the sole survivor from the previous weeks Share.

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What Happens to Missed Shares and Leftovers?

by Julie Pottier-Brown

After volunteering last week, a Melrose member made a request that I explain who we partner with for donations, and how it came to be. She was impressed by the fact the local food pantry came to pick up the leftovers.

Leftovers are a reality. Some members miss their Share. You may have done it yourself. We have to order everyone’s Share every week unless there has been a hold placed (which in itself only became possible two years ago). So if four Shares miss, several other members do not take their cabbage or greens, the grower sent a little too much, or for some other unknown reason we have excess, there will be leftovers. We always invite members who miss to go at the end (6:50 ish) of any depot day, speak to the coordinator, and see if they will be able to recoup their loss. Once these processes are complete – the leftovers must find a home.

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